Through our practice of integrity in business, together with our global network, Avalon is truly shaping the International Trade Market.

Integrity in business practice, a truly global network, placing innovation, technology and teamwork at the centre of who we are defines Avalon. As a young company, with a dynamic approach together with many years combined experience, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve our focus and performance within international trade.

With a growing portfolio of representatives operating in every major continent, together with our continual drive towards growth and performance, we anticipate that Avalon, as an evolving and expanding group will continue to thrive. Coupled with our unique strategy, of sustainability, we will provide the platform for viable solutions that will shape the world of international trade.

We believe that with the rapid move towards globalisation, more and more organisations will soon recognise the benefits of working within an international scope. As a business, we guide our core business model towards development of strong ethical standards across all the vertical markets we work within. The secret to the strength of Avalon lays in our diversity and ability to encapsulate a variety of sectors simultaneously in order to maximise our commercial success.

With sustainability and a strong focus for community development at the heart of our efforts, we take pride to ensure that our agenda for corporate social responsibility is always our priority. We firmly believe in always putting back into the communities we work with.

Avalon Trade

Utilising our global presence of representatives, we bulk source commodities and products from our global supplier base exclusively to our private and government sector clients

Avalon Energy

Using our unique sustainable method we have developed our Avalon energy division to market crude oil, natural gas, and thermal coal with our main focus on the development of renewable energy

Avalon Metals & Minerals

A range of minerals and metals such as copper, zinc, ferrous and non ferrous alloys, Iron ore, gold and silver are among the metals and minerals we trade within our mining partnerships.

Avalon is expanding its portfolio

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