The ability to bid for and acquire tenders from government, private & public sector enables Avalon to participate in High Value Projects.

Tenders & bidding, require not only the ability to work towards deadlines, but to also ensure that we have have the ability within our scope to actually complete the task at hand. Moreover Avalon appreciates the importance of relationships during the process.

Avalon has developed strong relationships with key governments around the world, meaning we are alerted to high value tenders in advance of the tender initiation process, placing our group into a strong position to evaluate our position and partners pre-bid stage.
With a variety of tenders coming from both government, public and private sector being presented, Avalon has the scope of choice during evaluation to decide on a direction. This choice may be to bid acquire & participate or to bid acquire and market the tender.

We appreciate the importance of being in a position to add value to the market and the partners we place our bids with. This is why Avalon will only work with carefully selected partners when it comes to the project scope we undertake after any tender acquisition.

From initial tender bid to Successful Acquisition...

Avalon has extensive experience and expertise from initial bid identification to the bidding process and the ultimate acquisition of the tender, a partner you can implicitly trust. If your business has identified or is interested in working with Avalon on specific tenders you have identified, we are ready to engage with you for the winning of your tender.


Professional negotiation for Government Tenders...

Avalon can appreciate the importance and pressure of application deadlines and negotiations for government tenders. We are in a positiion to assist and secure business. With existing relationships with governments world wide we may already have in hand tenders that have been allocated for our group to initiate preliminary partnership negotiations 

Need professional help with tenders?

We are here to assist you with new or existing tenders, contact us today for more information