Required Documentation

Avalon Trade works with a global client base ranging from individual companies to government institutions, as such, suppliers for our brokerage must reach our service level of compliance for quality & quota assurance. Verification of your company identity is essential if you wish to work with Avalon. We class Due diligence as the investigation or exercise of care that a reasonable business or person is expected to take before entering into an agreement or contract with a potential client or supplier. For Avalon it is part of our policy and in some cases can be a legal obligation. We adhere to a strict system to ensure that the standards we abide by are met. We protect our clients, vendors, stakeholders and partners by ensuring we have validated and pre-vetted all of our suppliers.

Terms and Required Documentation


In order to confirm we are working with a valid supplier and not an intermediary, we will need to see valid company registration documentation. We are required to carry our due diligence as part of fraud prevention and AML (anti money laundering) regulations.


If you have any specific certification such as ISO, Halal / Kosher or relevant import or export licenses, or any other certification attached to your company we would like to see this. Many of our clients request specific standards such as EU regulation to be fulfilled before we can trade with you.


We will require a complete listing of all the types and grades of products together with specification and origin you have available for purchase. A certificate of origin will be required. Please specify if products are for human or animal use, in addition  to which seasonal crop you have if selling grains or pulses.


Laboratory specifications of your products are essential, as we will need to verify product for any SGS, Saybolt or independent inspection. We will also require you to please provide small samples for us to independently analyse from our offices in London.


Any evidence of historical trading such as bill of laden, certificate of insurance or any other evidence that your company has historically traded. We fully respect commercial sensitivity & data protection laws, and will sign a non-disclosure prior to any document exchange.

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