Marketing Samples

The decision making process to ensure your products are within the right standard category is a vital part of the process when we work with our suppliers. Our process is simple we will ask for small samples of your product together with a laboratory specification to be sent to our offices in London for independent laboratory verification. Especially in relation to agriculture and food standards, sampling is essential. We will arrange sampling of grains, oil-seeds, feeds, liquids and other agricultural commodities, as well as oil, plant tissue and water. If you already have a recent SGS report, we are happy to receive a copy and independently verify. It is important we can obtain the right data we need for more informed decision-making.

Safety Standards

Communicating on risks associated with the food chain is another key part of our mandate, it is vital in every sense that all of our suppliers reach a minimal standard we expect before we can proceed to permit export for human or animal consumption. Whereas as can work with independent authorities such as ISO and SGS to ensure expected standards are adhered too we will also work with entities such as the European Food Safety Authority to ensure that stringent regulations in terms of tackling issues before they arise are met.

We will focus on key areas such as risk assessment and risk management with all our suppliers with specific guidelines we expect all our supply chain to adhere too from: 

  • Food and feed safety
  • Nutrition
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Plant protection
  • Plant health
We also consider, through environmental risk assessments, the possible impact of the food chain on the biodiversity of plant and animal habitats. Sustainability is essential to Avalon's core principles of trade through implementation of our (QMS) quality management system. 

In order to work with Avalon all suppliers will need to be placed thogugh our risk assesment process which works on a points based system to ensure that all elements from quality control and sustainability are adhered too. Given that our clients are both from the private, and government sector standards are vital.

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