Benefits of becoming part of the Avalon Preferred Supplier List

As a group primarily involved within supply at government level, integrity in business, a truly global network, innovation and teamwork are at the centre of who we are. As a young company, with many years combined industry experience, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve our focus and performance time and time again.

Our core philosophy being integrity in business practice and our global network define our business. Perhaps the only brokerage house in the world who trades ethically we are truly determined to leave a positive footprint on each and every one of our trades.


As a company with a truly global reach, our suppliers benefit hugely in many ways. Can you imagine having one client who will purchase everything you are able to produce? Well this is potentially exactly the scenario you will face when having the opportunity to become a PSL (preferred supply line) for Avalon Trading & Investment Group.

Our client base is both loyal and spans the world, with hundreds of new enquiries for products reaching our offices on a daily basis. With clients ranging from individual companies to government institutions, we will potentially buy and resell everything you are capable of producing

Becoming an Avalon Supplier 4 Simple Steps

Servicing the government sector is at the heart of our operations, hence we place high emphasis on the reliability of our supply chain. We expect nothing but the best quality in order to ensure we can service the large annual volumes we fulfil annually. We must adhere to international standards of compliance and as such pass all potential supply partners though our process of verification. The steps are simple and have broken them into 4 distinct stages below

As a highly regulated brokerage house, we have a professional duty to ensure that we adhere to our license agreement with our regulator. As such all our suppliers and clients must be ‘verified’ as genuine due to the international nature of our service. Verification includes various exchange of paperwork such as confirmation of company credentials, any specification samples of your products, historical trading evidence, as well as other relevant documentation.

Once all the paperwork is out of the way, we are ready to start the process of trading but before that we need to ensure we know exactly in details every product you are selling in an official capacity. We will ask for small samples of your product together with a laboratory specification to be sent to our offices in London for independent laboratory verification. You may have official independent verification of your products such as SGS which is also acceptable at this stage

Once we run verification we move onto signing our supply chain agreement whereby we legally ensure that Avalon will buy what we have promised to buy from your company on an annual basis. Our supply chain agreement will ensure your integrity as a supplier, and our integrity as buyers from you. In addition our supply chain agreement will protect all parties under trade regulations as per our trading license.

The final stage is where Avalon will sign contracts with your company for individual orders to fulfil our agreed annual quota. On a monthly basis Avalon will sign individual sales contracts to fulfil all of our requested orders with you to ship to various global locations. We will regularly review our agreed quota with your company and depending on your product availability we may well request to maintain or increase our agreed quota.


Global Client Base...

As a supplier for Avalon, you will no longer worry about marketing your products, our global client base means our demand for your products will be on a continual monthly basis all year round. We pride ourselves on ensuring quota availability for our clients. In addition, with Avalon as your buyer, you will through our company be selling to a global audience, giving you leverage to expand your business


Logistics & Insurance...

We will arrange all the shipping and logistics for your products globally, removing the headache from you giving you the opportunity to do what you do best, focus on production of your products. In addition as a highly regulated brokerage house, our trade license ensures that all our activities are audited and structured, thus you are protected and 110% insured at no cost to your business

Would you like to join our supply chain?

Avalon is expanding its global footprint, would you like to benefit from our global network?