Our Procedures

Avalon Trade Group will strictly adhere to trade process and procedures. They are implemented to support our suppliers and clients ensuring a smooth process for commodities trading, fraud & crime prevention.An outline of our procedures can be seen below.    

Initiation of trade with Avalon

Trading with Avalon to buy commodities are initiated by completing our initial contact form. Following this stage a trade specialist within your sector will contact you for an appointment to discuss your request in more detail. If you would like to trade with Avalon simply complete our contact form selecting your interest.

First time trading with Avalon?


If this is your first time trading with Avalon, we work within a specific framework to safeguard the interests of all parties, clients and vendors alike. This is important as managing expectations during an initial transaction are an essential part of building long term working relations moving forward.

All first time buyer transactions will be conducted lawyer to lawyer and may, depending on the type and value of your transaction involve specific terms and conditions such as a 30% pre-payment for products after contracts are signed before a vessel is loaded

Intermediary Policy

Avalon Trade Group will not work with internet based intermediaries. As a licensed international services group we adhere to regulatory protocol and process and will not entertain third party facilitation. Avalon will only pay their own registered trade consultants and representatives and will not make commission payments to third party internet brokers or use any commonly circulated internet based documentation.

Due Diligence Policy

Avalon Trade Group works within international guidelines to ensure we are always working within legal frameworks for the purpose of international trade. As a company that is incorporated within the United Kingdom, and trade with United States Dollars, we will carry out due diligence checks on all prospective clients and individuals we work with to ensure we are not inadvertently involved with sanctioned countries, entities, businesses or individuals. We maintain a high level of integrity and as such will not entertain trading with illegal or prohibited substances or items or processes that can potentially harm individuals or economies. 

Do you have any other questions?

Any questions about trading with Avalon can be addressed to us anytime