Quality of products at far lower prices for consumers does not mean we have to sacrifice on quality or Protecting the Environment.

Our aim as a group, is to have a positive impact on the environment and the consumer cycle. We aim to reduce waste, promote sustainability and ensure that we can collectively promote a positive system for FMCG markets.

Every year a third of all global food production alone is wasted, this is a significant figure when you consider world hunger and the environment. We will do everything within our power to promote the vision we have to ensure FMCG can sustainably thrive.
We believe in offering our clients the best value for money, by removing the several groups of ‘middle men’ which can make a significant difference to the overall value an end retailer can offer to the general public. 

In times of economic downturn, never has the need towards a unique, money saving approach been so valuable to trade. We sincerely believe that the benefit of trading FMCG with Avalon Trade will ultimately benefit the customer, which will in turn benefit the economy.

From farm to shops our idea of Sustainable Trade Works...

How food is Grown fertilised, watered, harvested. transported, processed packaged & displayed, to how it is disposed of after use matters a lot to Avalon. Ethical production is vital. Ensuring the supply chain is kept to a minimum, means farmers can grow more beneficially ensuring less processed and more organic food-chain.


Reducing production costs to Save Consumer Spending...

Avalon believes that smart trade will reduce the cost of production. By removing middle men we ensure that the savings are passed onto at retail level giving more access to consumers. Reducing cost is key promoting growth within sustainable markets, reducing pressure on the environment improving quality of global supply chains

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