White Label

Caused by the growth of discounting in recent years throughout the world, manufacturers often face a dilemma of either developing the manufacturer’s brand or producing a private label product to be successful for a specific market. As a commodities group, we are in a strong position to have a wide network of strategically placed distribution networks with strong aligned channels. We are able to work with commodities suppliers such as mills and refineries to manufacturers of products to arrange private label distribution. In working with Avalon you are in a position to bypass the red-tape and reach key distribution channels to enable you to focus on developing your product.

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Avalon is strong in being heard in boardrooms, pointing out the advantages and risks of either staying firmly as a brand, or entering the world of private label manufacturing. We also can tell the story from the end consumer’s perspective and help manufacturers understand better the retailer and customers’ needs. Foley Retail Consulting offers the following services: 

  • Target market(s) analysis for the brand‘s product categories including private label sector within the category
  • Competition analysis
  • Brand quality and private label price positioning
  • Evaluation of current portfolio
  • New product development
  • Private label development (how you can still own the brand/products!)
  • Business plan for private label development
  • Cost of production analysis and bench-marking

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