Avalon Values

With Integrity & responsibility, the people in Avalon are the ambassadors of the values we uphold and the foundation of our business.


We value the positive relationships we have fostered with all of our clients, the communities we work with the suppliers we trade with, our stakeholders and government partners have faith in our relationship. Our relationships are always healthy, based on integrity, Respected for our honesty, we value integrity in business.


We recognise that trading can have a profound impact on the communities we inhabit. We take seriously the effect trading activities may have in relation to our environment, focused on sustainability to protect the fragile ecosystem we share, ensuring the communities we work with are always going to be placed first every-time.


Ethical trading is a matter we continually promote. We hold ourselves accountable for the safety all the people we trade with, ensuring our preemptive approach is always a measure towards safeguarding against occupational injuries or disease, making certain we always work towards the very highest standards expected by our clients.

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